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Culture and Civilization of India and the Far East I [ LGLOR1542 ]

3.0 crédits ECTS  30.0 h   1q 

This biannual course is taught on years 2010-2011, 2012-2013, ...

Teacher(s) Deliège Robert ;
Language French
of the course
Main themes The emphasis will be put on culture in the broad sense of the term, and more its social aspects will not be neglected. The approach will be both historical and anthropological.
Aims This lecture is conceived of as a general introduction to orientalism to eastern cultures and more specifically India. It will guide students to their approach of South Asian cultures.
Content A new topic might be dealt with every year. A special attention will be given to religion.
Other information Prérequite: none. Evaluation: The student will be asked to write an essay which will be discussed. An viva will be organized to check the knowledge. The student will also be orally examined over the content of the lectures.Attendance to the lectures is compulsory.
Cycle et année
> Master [60] in History
> Master [120] in History
> Master [120] in Anthropology
> Bachelor in Ancient Languages and Literatures: Oriental Studies
> Master [120] in Sociology
> Bachelor in Psychology and Education: General
> Bachelor in Ancient and Modern Languages and Literatures
> Bachelor in Information and Communication
> Bachelor in Philosophy
> Bachelor in Ancient languages and Literatures : Classics
> Bachelor in Modern Languages and Literatures: German, Dutch and English
> Bachelor in French and Romance Languages and Literatures : General
> Bachelor in Economics and Management
> Bachelor in Motor skills : General
> Bachelor in Human and Social Sciences
> Bachelor in Modern Languages and Literatures : General
> Bachelor in Sociology and Anthropology
> Bachelor in Political Sciences: General
> Bachelor in History of Art and Archaeology : General
> Bachelor in Mathematics
> Bachelor in History
> Bachelor in Biomedicine
> Bachelor in Pharmacy
> Bachelor in Religious Studies
> Bachelor in Engineering : Architecture
> Bachelor in Computer Science
> Bachelor in Engineering
> Preparotory Year for Master in Ancient Languages and Literatures: Oriental Studies
Faculty or entity
in charge

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