We propose here a large database describing concisely pathophysiological and anesthetic aspects of syndromes and rare childhood diseases. It is updated monthly but not peer-reviewd. Our goal is to put at your disposal a decision support tool to help planning the anesthesia of a child with one of these pathologies.

Each syndrome or disease can be found by using the sorted alphabetically or search words (single or multiple).

This database is complementary of the Orphanet and Orphanaesthesia websites as well as textbooks recently published on this topic such as, among others, "Syndromes: rapid recognition and perioperative implications" by B. Bissonnette, I. Luginbruehl, B. Marciniak and B. Dalens, (2006, McGraw-Hill) or "Anesthesia for Genetic, Metabolic, & Dysmorphic syndromes of Childhood" by VC Baum and JE O'Flaherty (2015, Wolters Kluwer). Some topics have a direct reference link to OMIM base.

Feel free to send us your comments and suggestions to improve this tool.