Hinman, syndrome

( Hinman-Allen syndrome, non neurogenic neuro-bladder, occult neurogenic bladder, functional bladder-sphincter dyssynergy )

Rare. Severe voiding dysfunction of the child due to the functional obstruction of the bladder in the absence of neurologic deficit. The cause of this dysfunction of bladder emptying is neuropsychological. It is an extreme form of the 'elimination syndrome' that may be encountered in children 2 to 6 years old : it combines voiding problems (urinary leaks and urinary tract infections) and digestive signs (sometimes constipation, encopresis): this corresponds generally to transient detrusor-external sphincter dyssynergia due to a bladder immaturity.

The diagnostic criteria of Hinman syndrome are:


-        in case of early or moderately severe diagnosis: rehabilitation of micturition, anticholinergics, sometimes intermittent bladder catheterisation

-        severe forms: in addition to the medical treatment, suprapubic urinary diversion, sometimes  bladder augmentation plasty,  Mitrofanoff derivation or nephrectomy.

Anesthetic implications: 

check renal function; increased risk of bladder retention under neuraxial block (caudal or epidural): a bladder catheterisation has to be expected.

References : 

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Updated: March 2019