Paper ID sheet UCL-INMA-2015.03


Fitting smooth paths on Riemannian manifolds: Endometrial surface reconstruction and preoperative MRI-based navigation

A. Arnould, P.-Y. Gousenbourger, C. Samir, P.-A. Absil, M. Canis
We present a new method to fit smooth paths to a given set of points on Riemannian manifolds using $C^1$ piecewise-Bézier functions. A property of the method is that, when the manifold reduces to a Euclidean space, the control points minimize the mean square acceleration of the path. As an application, we focus on data observations that evolve on certain nonlinear manifolds of importance in medical imaging: the shape manifold for endometrial surface reconstruction; the special orthogonal group $SO(3)$ and the special Euclidean group $SE(3)$ for preoperative MRI-based navigation. Results on real data show that our method succeeds in meeting the clinical goal: combining different modalities to improve the localization of the endometrial lesions.
Key words
path fitting on Riemannian manifolds; Bézier functions; optimization on manifolds; MRI-based navigation; endometrial surface reconstruction
Geometric Science of Information, Volume 9389 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 491-498, 2016