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H2-Optimal model reduction with higher-order poles

Paul Van Dooren, Kyle A. Gallivan, P.-A. Absil
We consider the problem of approximating a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) $p\times m$ rational transfer function $H(s)$ of high degree by another $p\times m$ rational transfer function $\hat{H}(s)$ of much smaller degree, so that the $\mathcal{H}_2$ norm of the approximation error is minimized. We characterize the stationary points of the $\mathcal{H}_2$ norm of the approximation error by tangential interpolation conditions and also extend these results to the discrete-time case. We analyze whether it is reasonable to assume that lower-order models can always be approximated arbitrarily closely by imposing only first-order interpolation conditions. Finally, we analyze the $\mathcal{H}_2$ norm of the approximation error for a simple case in order to illustrate the complexity of the minimization problem.
Key words
Multivariable systems; model reduction; optimal $\mathcal{H}_2$ approximation; tangential interpolation
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