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Continuous-time subspace flows related to the symmetric eigenvalue problem

P.-A. Absil, R. Sepulchre, R. Mahony
The classes of continuous-time flows on $\Re^{n\times p}$ that induce the same flow on the set of $p$-dimensional subspaces of $\Re^n$ are described. The power flow is briefly reviewed in this framework, and a subspace generalization of the Rayleigh quotient flow [Linear Algebra Appl. 368C, 2003, pp.~343--357] is proposed and analyzed. This new flow displays a property akin to deflation in finite time.
Key words
Matrix flows; subspace flows; power flow; Grassmann Rayleigh quotient flow; principal component analysis; invariant subspace; finite-time deflation
Pacific Journal of Optimization (PJO), Volume 4, Number 2, 179--194, May 2008
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