Paper ID sheet UCL-INMA-2000.901


Nonlinear analysis of cardiological signals towards clinical applications

P.-A. Absil
This work is dedicated to the study of cardiac rhythm. It results from a collaboration with the Cardiology and Neurology Departments at Liège University Hospital. The applications considered are essentially twofold: on the one hand, prognosis regarding the health of patients suffering from congestive heart failure, through studying long range correlations and scale invariance in their cardiac rhythm; one the other hand, diagnosis of sleep apnea by means of a dedicated processing of the patient's cardiac rhythm. Both studies are based on the so-called RR signal, i.e., the sequence of time intervals between successive ventricular contractions.
Key words
Journal A (41) 4, pp. 14-16, December 2000. This is an extended abstract of the Diploma Thesis ``Analyse non lineaire de signaux cardiologiques en vue d'applications cliniques'' by P.-A. Absil, Université de Liège, 1998 (advisor: R. Sepulchre).