Team members

The team is currently composed of three PI's and one PhD student.


Julien Hendrickx

Prof. Julien Hendrickx is an expert in the analysis and the control of collaborative and multi-agent systems and has recently developed an interest on learning issues. In Revealflight, he will work mainly on the analysis of the birds’ collaborative schemes, on the the development of the multi-agent model and on the flight control. More detail can be found at

Philippe Chatelain

Prof. Philippe Chatelain is an expert in the Large Eddy Simulation of wake flows using a high performance variant of Vortex Methods. In RevealFlight, he applies this methodology, together with coarse aerodynamical models such as lifting lines and vortex lattice models to produce realistic flight aerodynamics and predict bird and flock wakes up to large distances. More detail can be found at

Renaud Ronsse

Prof. Renaud Ronsse is working in the fields of biomechanics, assistive/medical robotics, and humanoid and animaloid robotics. He is interested in the transfer of principles governing neural control of human movements into human-centered robotics. His main application fields are bio-inspired assistive and rehabilitation robotics, mainly for the lower-limb, and humanoid robotics. More recently, he started collaborative projects - like this one - to unveil the efficiency optimization mechanisms deployed by biological swimmers and flyers. More detail can be found at