19th Belgian Workshop on Mathematical OPtimization

Welcome !

The annual Belgian Mathematical Programming Workshop aims at gathering the whole Belgian community active in mathematical programming, optimization and related areas. Each two-day workshop consists in a series of presentations by PhD students and two longer tutorial sessions by invited speakers.

In 2013, the workshop will take place on 7th-8th March 2013 - more information coming soon ...

In 2012, the workshop took place on 1st-2nd March 2012 in La Roche-en-Ardenne, at the Floréal Club (Avenue de Villez, 6 6980 La Roche-en-Ardenne - location - Google map).


To register, send an email to murielle.haguinet@fundp.ac.be mentioning

  • which days you plan to attend (Thursday/Friday)
  • the title of your talk, if you wish to present one (+ any constraint on the day/time of your presentation)
  • whether you plan to spend the night
  • any dieterary restriction

By default participants are assumed to take part to the lunch on the days they are present and the dinner if they spend the night on location - please tell if you your plans are different.

Deadline for registration is February 25, 2013.

Invited speakers

Each invited speaker will give a two-hour tutorial talk.


  • Wednesday 6th March 2013 - COMEX Workshop - FOR PAI MEMBERS
9.30 am : Welcome - Coffee
10.00 am : Presentation of the COMEX project and recent news (B. Fortz)
10.15 am : Research activities at ULB / GOM
10.45 am : Research activities at ULg
11.15 am : Research activities at KUL
11.45 am : Research activities at KULAK
12.15 Lunch
14.00 pm : Research activities at UHasselt
14.30 pm : Research activities at Univ. Antwerp
15.00 pm : Research activities at ULB/IRIDIA
15.30 pm : Research activities at UCL
16.00 pm : Coffee break
16.30-17.30 pm : Management of the project
19.00 pm : Dinner

THE FEES FOR THIS DAY HAVE TO BE PAID IN ADDITION TO THE 7th and 8th March. THE AMOUNT FOR THIS DAY IS +/- 75 euros, 2 meals and 1 novernight included. Correct amount will be confirmed. Cash payment with receipt/invoice.

  • Thursday 7tt March 2013
09.30 am Coffee welcome
10.00 am : Sébastien Mathieu, ULG. "Combinatorial branch and bound algorithm for hyperbox search".
10.30 am : Axel Mathéi, ULG. "PRIM related correlations"
11.00 am : Martim Moniz, ULB. "Metaheuristic for the integrated approach to the freight train routing and block-to-train assignment" (with João Telhada and Diogo Silva).
11.30 am : Mehdi Madani, UCL. "A New formulation of the European Day-ahead Electricity Market Model"

> 12.00 am : lunch

14.00 pm : Stan Van Hoesel (Maastricht University)

Tutorial Stackelberg games in networks: pricing and routing.

In a Stackelberg game, a leader determines an action beforehand, and the followers settle into an optimum/equilibrium given the action of the leader. In the context of networks, the leader can set tolls on some edges of the network to guide the behavior of the followers in the desired way. Two important problems arise. First, the tolls may be set with the goal of maximizing revenues for the leader. This problem arises in telecommunication networks where providers wish to determine prices on connections to maximize their profits. Second, the leader can set tolls such that the resulting equilibrium flow has minimum travel time. Reducing traffic congestion via toll pricing has been a central topic in the operations research and transportation literature and, recently, it has been implemented in several cities all over the world. This tutorial covers the fundamental models and theoretical advances for both variants of the Stackelberg game.

16.00 pm : Claudio Telha, UCL. "Hardness results for some activity coordination problems"
End around 5.00 pm
  • Friday 8th March 2013
08.00 am : breakfast
09.00 am : Alessia Violin, ULB, "Dantzig-Wolfe Reformulation for the Network Pricing Problem with Connected Toll Arcs"
09.30 am : Bart Smeulders, KUL. "Goodness of fit measures for revealed preference tests: Complexity Results and Algorithms"
10.00 am : Phillipe Sampaio, FUNDP. "Equality-constrained derivative-free optimization"
10.30 am : Philippe Toint, FUNDP. "Complexity in nonlinear optimization".
12.00 am : lunch
14.00 pm : Marco Lübbecke (RWTH Aachen University)

Column Generation and Branch-and-Price

This lecture will consist of two parts. We will first walk through an example of column generation and branch-and-price (this is essentially the example that is given in the author's "Primer in Column Generation". In the second part we will discuss some related techniques like dual variable stabilization, branching rules, cutting planes, etc. The area is huge and we cannot even touch all conceivable topics; the author therefore welcomes proposals/wishes via email: marco.luebbecke@rwth-aachen.de

16.00 pm : end of the meeting

THE PRICE FOR 7 and 8 March is about 110 euros. To be confirmed. Cash payment with receipt/invoice.

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