The Antenna Group at UCL/ICTEAM conducts research in the fields of numerical analysis and design of multiple-antenna systems. From the analysis point of view, the methods under development
are relying on an integral-equation approach, for which the unknowns are limited to interfaces. This is made possible thanks to the exploitation of a vast set of analytical results. For array problems, including metamaterials, accelerations by several orders of magnitude have been made possible through the use of “Macro basis functions”, FFT-based convolutions, multipole decompositions, complex-plane analysis, Green’s function compression, etc. From the system of point of view, a number of demonstrators have been developed for direction-finding and near-field imaging, in close collaboration with industry. Those systems also include the microwave front-ends and base-band conversion, and in some cases, the array signal processing.

Ongoing research activities

Past research activities